H-E Parts is a global distributor of equipment, components and parts to the mining and construction industries.


JP Richard, Founder, was previously President and CEO of Pro Mach, a former Frontenac portfolio company that provides specialized packaging equipment to consumer products companies. Prior to that he was President and CEO of AGCO Corp. (NYSE:AGCO), a major farm equipment company. Steve McBrayer became President in 2014 after serving as CFO since the company’s founding. He has leadership experience across several global industries, and was previously CFO of Lanier Worldwide, a $1.4 billion office products company


JP Richard

Steve McBrayer


Initial investment to acquire Dom-Ex, a supplier of reconditioned equipment, components and replacement parts, from its founding family, 2006

Seven further acquisitions, mostly from owner-operators

Now has extensive operations across North America and Australia

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