Ty Field
CertainPath, Scholarus Learning

Ty is a training and education industry veteran. A three-time Frontenac Chairman, Ty currently serves on the board of CertainPath and Scholarus Learning.

Ty Field serves as Executive Chairman of Scholarus Learning and CertainPath and is the former Executive Chairman of TPC Training, a former Frontenac portfolio company. Ty is the former CEO of Jones & Bartlett Learning, a division of Ascend Learning and a provider of educational solutions. Previously, Ty was CFO of Ascend Learning, where he implemented a roll-up strategy that resulted in 20 acquisitions. Prior to Ascend, Ty was CFO of Thomson Higher Education (now Cengage Learning) where he was part of a team that improved EBITDA margins from 25% to 38% and diversified the product portfolio, resulting in a significant shift towards digital revenue.