March 13, 2024

Navis Food Partners Announces Partnership with Prime Source Foods

Prime Source Foods, a center-of-the-plate distributor based in Londonderry, NH, announced today that it joined Navis Food Partners, a partnership of independent foodservice distributors in the Northeast.  Prime Source Foods is a large independently owned, center-of-the-plate food distributor in New England and eastern New York. 

The acquisition of Prime Source Foods strengthens Navis Food Partners’ presence in the protein category as well as its geographic service footprint in New England.  Together with City Line Distributors, Navis Food Partners now covers northern Maine to upstate New York and operates out of four facilities.

Prime Source Foods joins Navis Food Partners

“We are elated to partner with Prime Source,” said Navis Food Partners CEO Robert Berkowitz.  “Prime Source shares our vision of becoming a regional superpower in foodservice through a laser focus on servicing our customer and creating opportunities for our associates.”

Prime Source Foods CEO, Bill Conrad noted “we believe that this partnership is completely aligned with our company’s growth goals.  Our focus has been on building the company into a major force in New England and upstate New York.  To get there, we recognized that we need additional capital and expertise, and Navis Food Partners is the right fit.”

“Today’s announcement of our new partnership with Prime Source is very good news for the independent foodservice operator in the Northeast,” said Navis Food Partners Executive Chairman Sean Griffin.  “In combining the core strengths of City Line Distributors with the protein category dominance of Prime Source, we are building a network that will appeal to our customers who look to us for service, value and flexibility.”

Additional information about Prime Source Foods is available at:

Navis Food Partners invites inquiries from interested Northeast-based independent foodservice distributors who may wish to explore joining our mission of creating this dynamic and customer-centric enterprise.

For more information about Navis Food Partners, please contact Robert Berkowitz at or Sean Griffin at

About Navis Food Partners
Navis Food Partners is the largest, independent foodservice distribution platform based in New England.  The company aims to deliver exceptional service and value to restaurant operators and food establishments throughout the Northeast.  Navis Food Partners’ strategy is centered around acquiring complementary companies with unique capabilities, expanding the platform geographically and across categories.  Navis Food Partners members include City Line Distributors and Prime Source Foods.   For more information, please visit

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